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Gap analysis

Get an accurate picture of your EMS and find out how you measure up against the requirements of ISO 14001.

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We can guide you through every step of the implementation process ensuring certification.

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We can help you proactively manage, monitor and maintain your Environmental  Management System ensuring consistent conformity with ISO 14001.

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Internal Audit

We can perform an Internal Audit and as we have deep experience of ISO 14001 and the audit process, you can gain the assurance you need to ensure you meet your client's and stakeholder's demands.

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Improve environmental performance

Improving their environmental performance, reducing their environmental impact and controlling environmental risk.

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Reduce Costs

The first way that this can happen is by using your system to identify, control, and reduce the number of environmental incidents that occur. Secondly, you can use the improvement aspect of the environmental management system to help reduce costs by working to conserve the energy and input materials required by your company processes.

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Higher rate of success when implementing changes

It is important to ensure you are working with good, accurate data, which is a key element of the ISO 14001 standard. When putting these improvement activities in place, you can greatly increase the chances that you will be successful the first time by tracking the improvement through good data collection.

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Improve your image and credibility

If your contracts or tenders require an ISO 14001 certification, then this is an obvious benefit. But, even if it is not a formal requirement, very often your customers, neighbors, and the local community will be interested in how you care for the environment around you.

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Reduce employee turnover

Engaged employees in a group effort to reduce the company’s environmental footprint will often have an increased employee focus and retention, and it is easier and less expensive to retain employees than it is to recruit and train new employees.

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Continual Improvement

The element of continual improvement that is integral to the ISO 14001 requirements can be used to help your organisation to move from small improvements toward greater enhancements to your organisational processes. Through these systematic processes, you can better build your public image and reduce your costs as identified above.


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