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TISAX Frequently Asked Questions


Who is TISAX Certified?

Only ENX Participants can see who has been certified, however there is an option to make this private.


Who needs TISAX?

TISAX is primarily relevant to companies operating within the automotive industry supply chain. It is designed to assess and ensure the information security practices of these companies, especially those that handle sensitive information or provide products and services to larger automotive manufacturers. TISAX certification demonstrates that a company has met specific information security standards and is committed to safeguarding sensitive data.


Who uses TISAX?

TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is used primarily within the automotive industry, specifically by companies and organizations that are part of the automotive supply chain. TISAX provides a framework for assessing and ensuring the information security practices of these entities. Here are some of the key stakeholders and types of organizations that use TISAX: •Automotive Manufacturers (OEMs) •Automotive Suppliers •Technology Providers •Service Providers •Research and Development Organizations •Testing and Certification Laboratories


Why is TISAX Important?

Here are some key reasons why TISAX is important: •Information Security: TISAX provides a standardized framework for assessing and ensuring the information security practices of organizations within the automotive supply chain. •Supply Chain Confidence: TISAX certification helps build trust and confidence among automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and partners. •Risk Management: By undergoing TISAX assessments, organizations can identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their information security practices. •Regulatory Compliance: TISAX certification may be required or recommended by regulatory bodies or industry associations within the automotive sector. •Competitive Advantage: Having TISAX certification can serve as a competitive advantage for organizations seeking to differentiate themselves in the market. It can be a selling point when bidding for contracts with automotive manufacturers or when marketing products and services to industry partners. •Data Protection and Privacy: With the increasing focus on data protection and privacy laws (such as GDPR), TISAX helps organizations align their information security practices with these regulations, ensuring the secure handling of personal and sensitive data. •Global Reach: TISAX is recognized internationally within the automotive industry. As the automotive supply chain often spans across countries and regions, TISAX certification provides a standardized way to demonstrate information security capabilities to global partners. •Incident Response Preparedness: TISAX certification encourages organizations to establish effective incident response plans. •Supplier Relationships: Automotive manufacturers and OEMs often require their suppliers to have TISAX certification to ensure a consistent level of information security across the supply chain. •Overall Industry Resilience: By raising the overall information security standards within the automotive industry, TISAX contributes to making the entire ecosystem more resilient to cyber threats, reducing the risk of major disruptions.


How to get TISAX Certification?

Obtaining TISAX certification involves a series of steps to assess and verify an organization's information security practices. TISAX certification is typically obtained through a process of assessment conducted by accredited assessment providers.


What is TISAX Compliance?

Being TISAX compliant means that an organisation has successfully demonstrated its ability to meet the information security standards set forth by TISAX. Compliance involves implementing and maintaining security controls, practices, and policies to protect sensitive data, prevent cyber threats, and ensure the integrity and confidentiality of information within the organization.

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