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Quality Assurance with ISO 9001:2015

What is the goal of your organization? Is it to continually improve, reduce costs, win more business, compete in tenders, satisfy more customers, and be more resilient? Then you should consider implementing ISO 9001:2015 'Quality Management System'.

You need to be ahead of the game and understand your competition.

Every year the ISO Survey counts the number of certificates issued by certification bodies that have been accredited by members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

The survey shows that in 2017, over 1 million ISO 9001 Certificates were issued worldwide. Over 500k ISO 9001 Certificates were issued in East Asia & Pacific, nearly 400k in Europe, followed by 45k in Central and South America, 40k in Central & South Asia, 38k in North America, 20k in the Middle East and 11k in Africa.

In Europe, Italy has a leading number of nearly 100k of ISO 9001 Certifications. Other European countries with most number of ISO 9001 Certifications are Germany (65k), UK (38k), Spain (32k) and France (21k).

If we look at the number of the certificates by industry, then the leading industry with the most ISO 9001 Certificates is Basic metal & fabricated metal products, followed by:

  • Electrical and Optical;

  • Wholesale & Retail trade;

  • Repairs of Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles & Personal & Household Goods;

  • Construction;

  • Machinery & Equipment;

  • Rubber & Plastic Products;

  • Information Technology;

  • Engineering Services;

  • Chemical Products;

  • Food, Beverages and Tobacco Products;

  • Transport, Storage & Communication.

If you think your company would benefit from ISO 9001 , or you would like to learn more about this Management System and how we can add a value to your business, please contact us now, for a free initial consultation. More information is available on our website.

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