Information Security Awareness Posters

Awareness programs are requirements of many ISO Standards, such as ISO 27001 Information Security.

There are different ways to raise awareness throughout an organisation. It could be an online training module or training materials within employee handbook, etc. I think a great way to remind employees of their responsibilities, is to have Awareness Posters displayed in the common areas, such as a cafeteria, corridors, printer room or near the entrance points.

You have to be aware of physical security where you need to protect sensitive information, an example of this which is commonly forgotten is locking your computer. Internal audit and internal incident reporting should highlight the areas where staff are not complying with organisation policies and procedures. Introducing posters around the offices would educate staff and help achieve the intended outcome and objectives of your ISMS.

Posters should be used to raise awareness of other Management Systems, such as Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety to ensure continual improvement.

If you would like to improve any types of awareness program within your organisation and would like our help to do that, please get in touch for a free initial consultation.

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