NHS Cyber Attack- Make sure your business is resilient against a cyber attack #NHScyberattack


What happened?

The NHS, Fedex and the main telecoms operator in Spain were among 200,000 known victims - organisations and private individuals - of Friday's global cyber-attack.

The ransom-ware, which locked users' files and demanded payment to allow access, spread to 150 countries, including Russia, the US and China.

In England, 47 trusts reported problems at hospitals, GP surgeries or pharmacies and 13 NHS organisations in Scotland were also affected.

Some hospitals were forced to cancel treatment and appointments and, unable to use computers, many doctors resorted to using pen and paper.

The cost of the attack is unknown, in the UK or beyond, but BBC analysis of three accounts linked to the ransom demands suggest hackers have already been paid the equivalent of £22,080.

How we can help your business?

To ensure security in today’s digital landscape, all organisations, irrespective of size, should put in place a management framework as a starting point to manage cyber risks. ISO/IEC 27001 was designed to help organisations do just that. The standard is the world’s ‘common language’ when it comes to assessing, treating and managing information-related risks.

The related costs and disruption caused by incidents where information security has been compromised continues to soar and can be hugely damaging. A security breach will cost an organisation almost $1m on average.

ISO/IEC 27001 can help protect your organisation and reduce risk by putting in a robust and systematic approach to managing information. With this standard in place companies have discovered the following business benefits:

• 80% inspires trust in the business

• 75% reduces business risk

• 71% protects the business

When you implement ISO/IEC 27001, it can help protect your reputation, save money, achieve compliance, and reduce risks. By embracing the standard and putting in place effective processes you will send a clear signal to clients, employees, and other stakeholders that you are serious about information security.

Find out more on how ISO/IEC 27001 can help your organisation- visit our web site.

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