We offer TISAX Executive Briefing

We offer TISAX Executive Briefing, which can be delivered on-site or via video conferencing call.

During the meeting, you will learn:

  • What is TISAX and VDA ISA?

  • What it involves to achieve the TISAX label?

  • Which aspects of the business TISAX controls affect?

  • What type of Information Security controls your organisation would need to put in place?

  • How long will it take, and how much it will cost to your business?

  • What is the scope of the TISAX audit?

  • Who can perform the TISAX audit?

  • Do you still need to achieve a TISAX label if your organisation ISO 27001 certified?

  • TISAX process

Please contact us on info@akrup.com or +447801919154 to book your TISAX Executive Briefing or if you have any questions about TISAX.


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