More than 25 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Oil and Gas Sectors

We offer consultancy support during Construction, Commissioning, Production, Reservoir Management, Optimization & Maintenance, and Abandoning phases of asset management.


We provide onsite and remote support during the commissioning phase of new projects and upgrades, providing expert guidance with engineering, standards, acceptance, and handover, (ready for operation/mechanical completion).


Optimisation of running plant. Real-time solutions with cost-effective implementation and minimal downtime. Industry 'best practices' and adherence to international standards.

Reservoir Management

Extend the life of your asset and increase rates with expert analysis of formation data and production figures. Using proven techniques and managed by experienced engineers, we provide support and guidance throughout the project.

Achieve a Competitive Edge

We ensure your business has the best possible opportunity to succeed, by introduction and management of proven systems and technology, which promotes sustainable growth.

Industry Best Practices

Change is continuous and inevitable. Our consultants maintain a comprehensive understanding of new technologies and how to apply the most appropriate solutions for your business.

Fiscal Prudence

Prudent OPEX and CAPEX management is essential to all businesses, and we can identify potential areas to get the most from your budget.

Continuous Improvement leads to guaranteed quality

The Oil and Gas industry is continuously striving to improve and we will be with you every step of the way. We constantly review our processes in order that we are able to deliver the highest possible level of service.


Implementation, Maintenance, and Audits of ISO Management Systems:

Implementation of Management Systems enables businesses to grow and improve their practices to meet the demands of customers and clients. Certification ensures standardization and improvement within the sector. 

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ISO 18001 Health and Safety Management System

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