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TISAX consultancy_TEST

TISAX consultancy package

This consultancy services package includes all services nessesary to achieve the TISAX label. You would need to sign a separate agreement with TISAX auditor provider, and TISAX audit fees are not included in this package.


AKRUP estimates six months to complete phases A and B according to the schedule below.

During the preparation phase A, AKRUP will assist you in preparation for the external TISAX audit. As part of Phase A, AKRUP will perform a gap analysis (internal audit), draft all required TISAX documentation, gather the evidence, and advise you on TISAX implementation requirements. AKRUP will also assist your organisation in completing the Self-Assessment Questionnaire.


During Phase B, AKRUP will assist you throughout the external audit, acting on your behalf.

Once the audit report is received, AKRUP will assist with the remediation. As part of Phase B, AKRUP will prepare the action plan and advise you regarding the non-conformities. AKRUP will assist with the follow-up external audit (if the Certification body requires that).


Service Delivery

AKRUP’s services are to be delivered remotely. For on-site assistance during the audit, travel and accommodation costs would be billed separately (to be agreed upon and approved by you in advance).


Your responsibility during the TISAX project:

  • Actively participate in meetings with AKPUP to enable AKRUP to deliver the services
  • Provide all requested information and documentation to AKRUP to ensure efficient project progression
  • Actively work on closing any gaps identified by AKPUP during the Gap Analysis/Internal Audit phase.
  • Arrange TISAX audit by signing a contract with TISAX auditor
  • Participate in TISAX audit
  • Actively work on closing non-conformities after the TISAX audit
  • Present evidence to the TISAX auditor prior, during, and after the audit


TISAX consultancy_TEST

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